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Is Marketing an Investment or Expense for your Business ?

Often times I hear customers say “I cannot afford to do marketing”. I would say you cannot afford not to do marketing! They would also likely see marketing as an expense for the business, not an investment in their business. Like with any investment you should work to get a good return. Marketing is no [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Business Card

A business card reflects your personal brand. It is also a great marketing tool for yourself and your company. A business card is the first item someone receives from you, especially at networking events. It is your first chance to make an impression on someone. Creating a business card should not be taken lightly. A [...]

Why Direct Mail Is Still a Powerful Marketing Tool

Eight reasons why direct mail is still a fantastic marketing strategy. Often times I hear that “print is dead” or “electronic marketing is all that works now”. But if you have ever gone to your mailbox, you know that direct mail is alive and well! If it didn’t work you wouldn’t receive it just about [...]