An accounting firm was looking for a way to grow their business. Their goal is to make it easy for clients to file their taxes and get the best refund possible. Since many firms try to offer that service, they consulted with Viking Printing for marketing help.

The Campaign

After discussing their strategy and determining how to go to market, we developed a campaign for them where they would go to the client’s home and help them get organized for tax season. Since this firm was being proactive, they extended this offer very early in the season in order to encourage clients to get ready early, thus helping everyone avoid the last minute rush.

The Target Audience

They targeted customers within one mile of their location with household income over $60,000. This made it easy for both the customer and for their “come to you” promotion.

The Results

  • The ROI for this was 974%!
  • 5,000 postcards were mailed.
  • They received 75 calls from the mailing. Because the response was far greater than they expected, they almost had to turn clients away!
  • They got 60 new clients from this one mailing that brought them almost $11,000 in revenue!
  • The firm states that at least 60% of their customers stay with them for at least 5 years. That gives them approximately $27,000 in revenue from these clients over five years. That is a total of $38,000 in revenue (a 974% return), all from one mailing!

The Viking Difference

This accountant was so pleased with the results that they are now doing quarterly mailings, with a few different strategies. “Viking Printing did a phenomenal job of understanding our business and helping us find a way to differentiate ourselves. We are going to do a similar campaign again this year but mail to four times as many prospective customers. We are even staffing up in preparation. We could not be happier!