Our Story – The Viking Difference


At Viking Printing, we are committed to an outstanding customer experience. Our family owned business has been providing amazing service through print and direct mail solutions to customers for over 30 years. We provide premium print solutions, great prices and fast turnarounds. Whether you need business cards, brochures or even banners, Viking can provide nearly all of your print needs. We are also direct mail experts and have fantastic solutions to help you reach just the right customer!



Everyone at Viking Printing prides themselves on understanding our customers’ business so that we can provide the best solutions to meet their needs. We listen so we can provide the right solution to support the goals of our customers.

We focus on:

Ease of doing business. As your print marketing experts we do everything possible to make the process easy and worry free. We focus on making your business look great!

Great relationships. We believe in order to best support you we should understand your business as much as possible. We are dedicated to helping make you more successful and place tremendous value on relationships!

Innovative solutions.  We offer unique solutions to solve customers’ print challenges. Some of our most successful interactions are when a customer asks us for a unique solution. A can-do attitude is rampant throughout the company and we put that to work for you!

The “Viking Difference”

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is something we proudly call the “Viking Difference”. These are core beliefs for us and we believe that they make all the difference.

Outstanding customer care. Everyone at Viking Printing is dedicated to your success and it shows in all we do. Whether it is responding “after hours”, offering products and services that few in our industry provide, or customizing solutions to fit your needs, our goal is to WOW you in every interaction you have with us.

Adaptability. We have built flexibility into our business so that we can quickly adapt to the changing needs of your marketing activities. Our business is constantly evolving to support our customers and changing opportunities in the market. We listen and develop unique solutions and brand new offerings quickly to support them.

Premium Print Solutions.  Premium quality is the foundation of all of our print products. We offer print solutions that address specific needs. We are one of only a few print companies who offer raised print and envelope customization onsite.

Will to win. We do whatever it takes to be effective and efficient for our customers. Whatever the challenge is we WILL find a way to help solve it!