A business card reflects your personal brand. It is also a great marketing tool for yourself and your company. A business card is the first item someone receives from you, especially at networking events. It is your first chance to make an impression on someone. Creating a business card should not be taken lightly. A business card should be professional, clear to understand and reflect your brand image.

We print thousands of business cards every day. Here are a business card tips on what you should and should do with your business card.


Keep it Simple: Choose easy-to-read fonts and stay with the traditional size for business cards. Using color effectively can really enhance the look of your card. If you are in a creative business such as an artist or a fashion designer, adding a little bit of a color can do wonders to show your creative side. Avoid using bright colors if you are in a traditional business such as finance or consulting. A bright background such as white, beige or light gray and dark text such as black, navy or dark grey both looks professional and is easy to read.

Use the Back Side of the Card: A great way to keep the front of your card looking clean and readable is to use the back side of the card. You can list services, show images of your product or service, or just provide more details on your business. Every card has a back so you might as well use it!

Include the Right Information:
Make sure you include relevant information on your card. Your name, title, company name along with your logo, email address and phone number should definitely be on your business card. If space permits, physical address of your company, company website and cell phone number can also be included on your card.


Don’t Make It Cheap: Don’t use thin and cheap paper. This can make the other person wonder about the quality of your services. You don’t need to go to a professional designer for a business card but compare the quality of printing when shopping for your business card. Remember, a business card is often a first impression of your business.

Don’t Use Clip Art: Never use clip art on your business card. If you don’t have a company logo, you may want to use a professional picture of yourself on the card or another image that conveys your brand. Another option may be to simply not use any type of picture or logo and only include your name and title.

Don’t Keep Outdated Cards: If you run out of your cards and need to go to an event, don’t take your outdated cards, which include the wrong information. Instead, be honest and tell them that you ran out. We can get you temporary cards in a pinch.

Remember, a business card is not only a first impression but also one you leave behind. Make sure yours tells the story you want it to tell!